Selected Press:

North Atlantic Drift - Visitor

Textura - "thirty minutes of homespun ambient minimalism sure to appeal to fans of Hammock, Stars of the Lid, and other groups of similar mien"

Stationary Travels - "Yes, the clean guitars, and shimmering glockenspiel have given way to a hazier synth-driven composite with a more matted finish, but the elegant melodicism and patient narrative flow still feels familiar and that is a good thing"

Merchants of Air - "like blending Brian Eno and Boards Of Canada into pure audio bliss"

anthéne - repose

Textura - "For those who like their ambient productions suffused with melancholy and longing, head directly to “trial of the century” for four-and-a-half minutes of the loveliest material of its kind available in this time zone or any other for that matter..."

Weird Canada - "There’s a stillness in the air; the sound of sanctuary. Each one of Brad Deschamps’ eight reveries opens like a cavern — reverberant, ancient, serene. Inside: a crackling warmth, and the echo of minimal melodies that shimmer in the depths. It’s a glowing kind of peace, anchored in hope or heartbreak. It swells with a sizzling hum. We breathe in and close our eyes."

Stationary Travels - "Each of the eight tracks here are glacial and serene, with just enough gravitas and melancholy to act as a stabilizing ballast to the empyreal layers floating above"

Tome to the Weather Machine - "You need this in your life."

Music Won't Save You (Italian)

Merchants of Air - "Anthène fits in perfectly with works by Harold Budd, Pete Namlook or Brian Eno.  If you're into minimal soundscapes and shimmering drones, you should not ignore this release."