Summer 2017

I'm releasing 2 CD's at the end of July from poemme and triac. The poemme album Soft Ice was previously released digitally on her bandcamp page, and I'm excited to be able to be able to present a physical edition of this beautiful album. Triac are following up their 2016 release "Here", released on Richard Chartier's Line Imprint, with a continuous 30-minute piece of blissful ambience. As a fan of their previous work, it's lovely to be able to present this new work from them.

I still have CD's and cassettes in stock from most of our 2017 releases (except for Departures, Vol. 1). Many thanks to those of you who have ordered a physical copy or bought a download, it is greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards helping with funding releases going forward.

Thanks to the lovely Stationary Travels for the label feature last month. Brian has been immensely supportive of the label, North Atlantic Drift and my solo work and he writes beautifully -