Spring 2018

Lots of things happening over the next few months. Hakobune's Obelisk CD will be released on April 6th, as a longtime fan of Takahiro's work it's lovely to be putting this new collection of ambient guitar works out into the world. 

3 tapes are scheduled to be released in May, albums I'm really proud to be able to release. First up is David Newlyn's Church Fires, a long-form ambient piece that spans the entire side of a C90 cassette. One of his most minimal and moving pieces to date. Next is a tape from Andrew Tasselmyer (of Hotel Neon) titled Places Real and Imagined, which features 8 pieces based on field recordings taken in various parts of the world. Beautiful textures and melodies in this one. Finally we have Something Cathartic, a new release from Celer featuring 5 pieces based on vinyl loops recorded at 16 rpm. Minimal beauty, as Celer does best.

I'm also curating a compilation that will have a limited CD-R release, and all proceeds will go to Wishing Well Sanctuary, an organization based just north of Toronto that takes in and cares for animals as well as provides education for children on caring for the planet, and compassion for all species. As a vegan (and cat owner), I've wanted to find a way to support animal rights and running the label provides a great way for me to do so. There are some incredible artists and friends contributing to the compilation, and I'm very grateful they are doing so, including Benoit Pioulard, Celer, Secret Pyramid, Ian Hawgood, Hotel Neon, April Larson, Clara Engel, Rhucle, and many others. I'm hoping to have this released in late May or June.

I also have several releases as anthéne on labels that I am really excited to be working with. My split release with Endurance was released yesterday on Metaphysical Circuits, I have a tape coming out on ACR in May, one on Muzan Editions coming out in August, and CD on Whitelabrecs in September/October. I've also been working on 2 releases under my own name, Bradley Sean Alexander, that are scheduled for release this year on Patient Sounds and Pyramid Blood Recordings, both are ambient works with the addition of strings and mellotron.