Selected Press:

anthéne - shifting lands

PSI LAB - "navigational references SEAN MCCANN and TIM HECKER and STARS OF THE LID probably sound about right without hearing a note, but there's a bit more to this lush minimalism with subdued airy synth melodies and alluring dark ambient atmospherics than many of this sort have to offer - there's just enough added and honed to an edge that is just sharp enough to set it apart, not just from REPOSE but from contemporaries at large - we might be considering metaphoric millimeters here, but that is often the distance between good and great in the world of ambient music - whatever it is, SHIFTING LANDS has it"

April larson - up below

Bandcamp Daily - "Perhaps the philosophical apex of the post-apocalyptic aesthetic, Larson’s latest release explores the limits of emptiness, something like the sonic equivalent of the descending staircase in Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel House of Leaves. The title track presents the alchemical paradox of how absolute nothingness can be so full of sound, and it’s all so unsettling."

north atlantic drift - departures, vol. 1

Igloo Mag - "A meaningful and dronescaping album which has embalming effects on the soul. The result is somewhere between Ben Frost’s fragile, solitary electronic minimalism, Brian Eno’s discreet music, Vidna Obmana, Loscil or Olan Mill. The whole dozen tracks are very intimate, captivating, sinuous and evocative."

david newlyn - linen

A Closer Listen - "As the album repeats, so does the encounter. I listen yet again. This is Linen’s strength: to sit quietly until it is noticed and appreciated.  The initial impression may have been unassuming, but the final impression is poignant. Linen is shy to the core, with loneliness and melancholic beauty to match. All the listener needs is the patience to find it."

North Atlantic Drift - Visitor

Stationary Travels - "Yes, the clean guitars, and shimmering glockenspiel have given way to a hazier synth-driven composite with a more matted finish, but the elegant melodicism and patient narrative flow still feels familiar and that is a good thing"

Merchants of Air - "like blending Brian Eno and Boards Of Canada into pure audio bliss"

anthéne - repose

Textura - "For those who like their ambient productions suffused with melancholy and longing, head directly to “trial of the century” for four-and-a-half minutes of the loveliest material of its kind available in this time zone or any other for that matter..."

Weird Canada - "There’s a stillness in the air; the sound of sanctuary. Each one of Brad Deschamps’ eight reveries opens like a cavern — reverberant, ancient, serene. Inside: a crackling warmth, and the echo of minimal melodies that shimmer in the depths. It’s a glowing kind of peace, anchored in hope or heartbreak. It swells with a sizzling hum. We breathe in and close our eyes."

Tome to the Weather Machine - "You need this in your life."