poemme - soft ice CD

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poemme - soft ice CD


Release Date: July 21, 2017


music & artwork by Angela Klimek


From Angela:

"This collection of songs was composed specifically for sleep and reflects my memories of winters growing up in Cleveland... The endless gray skies, the magic of a fresh blanket of snow, and more wonder still once Lake Erie transforms into a vast, frozen desert. The music brings me to my favorite lakeside park, standing with waves of solid ice below and a pale sky above. All is silent but for a flock of geese in the distance, making its way to warmer land... 

Some of my earliest attempts at ambient music were selected to be in this mix, namely 'lake-effect' and 'the park at night'. 'southbound formations' features a sound that I hope to later expand into an entire album, as I've long loved the nostalgic effect of a piano washed in reverb. 'quilted' and 'when the sun is a stranger' are experiments with the drone or minimal sound, and 'clouds of breath' comes from a batch of similar tracks I recored at the start of this season."

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